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Employee Involvement, Engagement & Empowerment

Organization Effectiveness - Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement helps generate new ideas and harness the energy and commitment of an organization’s greatest asset—its people.

Empowering employees is a great way to generate new ideas and harness the energy and commitment of any organization’s greatest asset—its people. We have worked with companies of all sizes to increase employee involvement and empowerment. Joint employee-management design committees played a pivotal role in all of these efforts. We worked with each design committee to create an employee involvement process that fit that organization’s culture and needs.

During our thirty plus years of experience in this area we have experienced the shift from participative management to quality of work life to quality circles to employee involvement. We have helped design and implement employee involvement systems that include structured suggestion processes, problem solving teams, cross functional task forces, and self managed work teams. We received the Chairman’s Award for our employee involvement work with Columbia Aluminum.

To learn more about Employee Involvement initiatives and their outcomes, follow this link.