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About Scontrino-Powell

About Scontrino-Powell

  • Over 60 years combined consulting experience that spans hundreds of client organizations

  • Licensed organizational psychologists who applyScience for a better workplace”

  • Global experience working across all sectors: state, federal, county, local, profit, not for profit, high-tech, healthcare, manufacturing

  • Have been integrating Lean concepts into our training, change management, and consulting since 1986

  • Thriving organizational research blog that provides free and open access to 100+ articles that share best practices and insights into organizational effectiveness to thousands of visitors each month

  • Highly engaged and committed in all the work we do

What Drives Us

We are committed to achieving five goals in each of our consulting engagements:

  • Meet all of our client’s expectations.
  • Provide customer-focused and cost-effective consulting services
    in our areas of expertise.
  • Develop client skills that allow orderly project transitions from
    the consultant to the client.
  • Maintain a reputation for excellence in customer service.
  • Create and maintan relationships with clients based upon mutual
    respect, fairness, trust, and integrity.

Who We Are

Dr. Peter Scontrino and Dr. Jevon Powell are the principles of the firm.  For more information, click on their bios below.


Scontrino-Powell has close relationships with many other Ph.D. consultants who serve as associates to meet project requirements.

The Company

Scontino-Powell was founded in 1975 as Scontrino and Associates.  The firm focuses on the application of Industrial-Organizational psychology (I-O) to the world of work.  I-O psychology has a three part focus: on the individual, on small teams, and on large groups. At the individual level we address questions of job analysis, employee selection, test validation, employee appraisal, training/development, and coaching/counseling.

At the small team level we engage in work team design, self-managed work team practices, team building, conflict resolution, retreat facilitation, and training.  At the large group or organizational level we focus on the change process, organization design, employee surveys, total compensation systems, employee involvement systems, and quality improvement processes.

Many years ago we came across the five reasons why people work:

  • Meaning: we need work that we can care about and believe in.
  • Contribution:  we must feel that our presence counts.
  • Community:  we are social beings by nature.  We seek interaction with others.
  • Growth:  we need to feel movement and progress in our lives.
  • Influence:  we want to have input into the decisions that affect us.

We work to build these five concepts into all of the work that we do,

What is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

The average person spends roughly 25% of her/his life at work.  With a figure like this, it is no wonder that there is an entire field of science and practice dedicated to the study of human performance in organizational settings.  The name of this field of science and practice is industrial-organizational psychology (i.e., I-O psychology, organizational psychology).

Specifically, I-O psychology is a branch of psychology that applies scientific and psychological theories/principles to the context of work.  Another way to look at I-O psychology is that it combines the knowledge of business operation with human motivation and behavior.  The goal of applied I-O psychology is to contribute to the success of organizations, and this is accomplished by improving the effectiveness, communication, well-being, and performance of its employees.  As consultants and businesspeople with I-O psychology backgrounds, the decisions we make and the tools we apply with our clients are not based on the most current management fads, but are backed by decades of scientific research and proven effectiveness.  We prefer suit and tie to lab-coat and clipboard.

Improve Team Effectiveness with Scontrino-Powell