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We are organizational psychologists who help companies achieve positive and lasting change. We work with individuals, teams, and entire companies to improve employee performance.

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We work with business leaders on the issues that keep them awake at night. Services are tailored to your needs and are linked to real outcomes.

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  • Stretch Assignments that Develop Strategic, Interpersonal, and Personal Skills

    Given that most development occurs through experience (McCall, Lombardo, & Morrison, 1988), stretch assignments can provide a great vehicle for driving employee learning and/or leadership development.  Stretch assignments are essentially short-term projects or assignments that provide unique and challenging experiences for the purpose of developing employee/leader skills and abilities.  Although the use of on-the-job development is […]

  • Face-to-Face Communication: A Critical Leadership Skill

      Lately it seems like our concept of leadership skills has been rapidly evolving:  high definition video conferencing and online meetings have made it easier to lead virtual teams, and unpredictable business environments have placed emphasis on agile organizations that constantly learn and evolve (e.g., Learning Organizations). However, this does not mean that traditional leadership skills like […]

  • Personality and Job Performance – A Review

    Over the past couple of decades, personality has become a focal point in organizational research, leadership development and derailment, and particularly employee selection.  This optimism is largely the result of the development of a unified model of personality called the Big Five, or Five Factor Model of Personality.  The Big Five model is an empirical and comprehensive […]