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Organization Effectiveness

Strengthen the way your people work together.

A Classic Symbol of Organization Effectiveness: Puzzle Solved!

We focus on Organization Effectiveness to help clients create flexible, high-performing, learning organizations that are ready to meet the shifting demands of the world. We have many state-of-the-art approaches that help leaders build better teams, leverage and engage employees, and set strategic direction.

Lean/Continuous Improvement for the Office and the Plant

We have supported our clients in a number of continuous improvement activities. These activities include the introduction of formal total quality programs, statistical process control activities, set-up time reduction programs, improved maintenance–production department cooperation, order entry-production department cooperation, and employee involvement activities focused on continuous improvement.
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Employee Surveys

How healthy are you? How healthy is your organization?
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Retreat Facilitation

As psychologists, we know how to help groups of people work together more effectively.
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Team Building

In the thirty years we have been doing team building, we have experienced the shift in the focus of team building from encounter groups to focused activities that help teams be more effective.
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Employee Involvement, Engagement & Empowerment

Empowering employees is a great way to generate new ideas and harness the energy and commitment of any organization’s greatest asset—its people.
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Gainsharing Incentive Plans

Recognized by The Scanlon Leadership Network as approved gainsharing consultants, Scontrino-Powell has been helping clients leverage employee talent for over thirty years.
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Board of Directors Facilitation

We have been facilitating board meetings and retreats since the 1980’s. We have worked with boards in both the public sector and the private sector to help them in the following areas: develop mission, vision, and values statements; assessment of board development needs; meeting facilitation; board member selection; board member feedback; CEO selection and evaluation; strategic planning; retreat design and facilitation.
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