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Employee Surveys

Organization Effectiveness - Employee Surveys

Depending on employee survey results, Scontrino-Powell may conduct follow-up tests to isolate and address specific organizational health problems.

How healthy are you? How healthy is your organization? To answer the first question you need a medical exam. If there is a problem, you find it and treat it before it gets worse. How do we answer the second question? The psychologists at Scontrino-Powell use employee surveys. There is a close parallel between the medical exam and employee surveys.

To assess their patients’ health, physicians ask specific questions and conduct a battery of tests. Similarly, we ask employees specific questions to assess the overall health of your organization. We have a large bank of tested survey items that makes it easy to prepare a custom survey for any organization. We can conduct surveys on paper or on the web.

Depending on the survey results, we may conduct follow-up tests to isolate specific organizational health problems that need to be addressed. In the same way that you have your annual checkup, we recommended regular organizational assessments to ensure that your company stays in the best of health. For those organizations desiring to use the internet for survey responses, we have a sophisticated survey engine to collect numerical and written survey responses.

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