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Measuring and Fostering Employee Engagement

Over the past ten years employee engagement has received growing attention, and for good reason.  According to a large study conducted by Hewitt Associates, “there is a conclusive, compelling relationship between engagement and profitability through higher productivity, sales, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.” This leads to at least two questions… How can you measure employee […]

Employee Involvement – Case Study at Columbia Aluminum

Structured employee involvement has the potential to dramatically improve an organization’s productivity, effectiveness and employee satisfaction and retention.  This is done by leveraging the wide pool of talent and insight that is an organization’s internal human capital.   Teams (often cross-departmental) and employees (at every level) are empowered to take a critical look at operations and […]

How Leaders Can Enhance Employee Engagement

Guest author blog, written and researched by:  McKendree J. Hickory, Michael P. Yoder, Teanna S. Ziegler  Employee engagement has become an increasingly familiar topic in both organizations and research.  Leaders want to know how to best encourage and utilize their employee’s engagement, while research has strived to make this construct clear.  Engagement includes aspects of […]

Employee Involvement

Employee involvement refers to work structures and processes that allow employees to systematically give their input into decisions that effect their own work.  Some examples of employee involvement include: Continuous Improvement teams formal quality of work life programs quality control circles flatter organizational structures labor management problem solving efforts employee problem solving task forces and teams structured suggestion systems […]

Are You Ready for an Employee Involvement Program?

Employee involvement refers to those programs and systems that present employees with a structured process to have input and influence decisions that impact their work.  Examples of employee involvement include formal quality of work life programs, quality control circles, labor management problem solving efforts, employee problem solving task forces and teams, continuous improvement teams, and […]

How to Improve Employee Satisfaction

A recent report by the Conference Board stated that overall employee job satisfaction dipped to 45% in 2009. The report goes on to say that only half of all employees feel that their jobs are interesting. Does this describe your organization? The good news is that applied organizational research has shown that there are specific steps managers can take to increase employee job satisfaction dramatically.