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Performance Management & Employee Development

Develop leaders and employees to their full potential.

Performance Management & Employee DevelopmentPerformance Management helps employees understand what is expected of them and guides them in maintaining or improving performance to meet expectations. Performance Management also gives employees developmental tools that help them grow and advance their careers. We have helped hundreds of organizations use performance management to improve the way they link strategy and goal setting, hold employees accountable, and achieve objectives.

Performance Management

We help clients build performance management systems that result in better performance, greater efficiency, and increased revenues.
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Coaching is more than just professional development for a single person. Learn more »

360 Degree Surveys

In the past several years, 360 degree surveys have seen a huge increase in popularity. These surveys provide feedback to individuals on how their supervisors, peers, and direct reports see their performance. The idea is simple. Learn more »


Our training philosophy is that adults must be treated as adults.  With that in mind, we design our training to include a combination of lecture, discussion, case studies, individual exercises, and small group exercises. Learn more »

Interpersonal Communications

The most common complaint we hear from people in our client companies is that they want to “improve communications.” What they usually mean is that they want themselves and their colleagues to provide better performance feedback to each other, make decisions faster, and solve problems together. Learn more »