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Employee Selection

Choose the right people the first time. Every time.

We use top-notch, custom tailored Employee Selection techniques to help our clients save money by avoiding costly hiring mistakes. And when organizations make good hiring decisions, everybody wins.

Scontrino-Powell specialize in Employee Selection SystemsEmployee Selection Systems

The consultants at Scontrino-Powell have designed and validated employee selection systems for over 150 different jobs.
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Structured Interviews

Psychological studies have demonstrated that when it comes to employee performance, the best predictor of the future is the past. Structured interviews provide a way to evaluate job applicants’ past performance so we can predict future performance. Learn more »

Psychological Assessments

When it comes to recruiting and selecting talent at the management and executive levels, the cost of making mistakes is huge. We save clients money by helping them hire the right person the first time out. Learn more »