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The Cost of Turnover: An Infographic

We all know that employee turnover is costly:  the average cost associated with turnover for an entry level employee is equivalent to roughly 1/2 of his or her yearly salary.  There are a number of direct and indirect costs associated with turnover, and this infographic from Compliance and Safety does a fantastic job of breaking down those […]

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On-the-Job Development: Definition, Benefits, and Success Factors

The purpose of this article is to make clear the sometimes vague concept of employee development. In it, I will describe why leaders should invest in the development of their employees, what specific actions they should take, and how they can best support their employees throughout the developmental process.

Job Burnout: Definition, Contributing Factors, What You Can Do

Job Burnout: Definition, Contributing Factors, What You Can Do

What causes burnout? Many different things contribute to burnout and some of them are beyond your organization’s ability to control (e.g.., certain personality traits like “neuroticism” that make an employee more susceptible to burnout). However, the good news is that many factors are well within your sphere of influence: understanding each and taking action to deal with them will not only greatly reduce burnout, but in doing so will also contribute to employee retention and job satisfaction.

Reduce Turnover with Realistic Job Previews

Recent research on employee turnover has identified a number of inexpensive practices that any employer can use to promote employee retention.  In this blog entry we address one of these practices:  realistic job previews. Realistic Job Previews Realistic job previews (RJP) are designed to give the job applicant much more information about the job than […]

Does Employee Satisfaction Make a Difference?

Much has been written about employee satisfaction over the years.  We discuss leadership styles that improve employee satisfaction.  We make lists of the best companies to work for.  We have strategies for empowering employees.  We trumpet the importance and value of having satisfied employees. However a key question remains:  does employee satisfaction make any difference […]

Benefits of New-Hire Orientation Process

We all know that first impressions often become lasting impressions.  This is true in both personal relationships and in relationships with organizations.  How can your organization do a better job of managing its first impressions with newly hired employees? A recent article in the Journal of Applied Psychology studied the impact of various orientation procedures […]

Being Nice Improves the Bottom Line

Do civil behaviors in the workplace make a difference?  Recently a group of researchers studied the impact of workplace incivility on both work and personal health outcomes. They defined workplace incivility as: low intensity deviant behavior with an ambiguous intent to harm the target in violation of workplace norms for mutual respect. Uncivil behaviors are […]

How to Give Feedback

Most managers have experienced the frustration of coaching, counseling, and providing feedback to an employee who needs to improve their performance yet who ignores feedback. The result is no change in performance, and if the performance deficit is serious enough the employee may lose their job. The cost to the organization, and the manager, is the high cost of turnover. The cost to the employee is all the negative consequences of losing their job.