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The Eight C’s of Effective Teams

Dr. Eduardo Salas has been investigating team effectiveness and how organizations can create more effective teams. Based on his twenty plus years of research on teams, he has concluded that effective teams need to have seven C’s, and they need to avoid one C. The greater the extent to which each of these C’s are […]

Employee Involvement – Case Study at Columbia Aluminum

Structured employee involvement has the potential to dramatically improve an organization’s productivity, effectiveness and employee satisfaction and retention.  This is done by leveraging the wide pool of talent and insight that is an organization’s internal human capital.   Teams (often cross-departmental) and employees (at every level) are empowered to take a critical look at operations and […]

Dynamic Teams: Why Self-Awareness and Adaptability are Crucial for Team Performance

Teams are found in almost every organization, but high-performing teams are a little less common, and perfect teams… well they just don’t exist.  That does not mean we won’t try to build them or create the perfect conditions for their performance.  This article describes two conditions that are often overlooked as a pair, yet are absolutely […]

Effective Virtual Teams

By: Nathan Iverson, Amy Blackshire, and Robert Bullock Virtual teams may be defined as teams composed of members who combine their efforts to achieve a common goal by working over time and distance using technology or electronic communication (Bell & Kozlowski, 2002). The following recommendations for constructing and maintaining effective virtual teams are based from empirical […]

Why Should Teams Debrief?

Team debriefs offer one of the most promising ways to enhance team effectiveness.  A team debrief is a quick review of how a team or work group has handled a particular situation (e.g., projects, meetings, presentations, etc…).  A debrief provides team members with the opportunity to discuss the situation, uncover any misunderstandings or performance gaps, […]