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Employee Involvement – Case Study at Columbia Aluminum

Structured employee involvement has the potential to dramatically improve an organization’s productivity, effectiveness and employee satisfaction and retention.  This is done by leveraging the wide pool of talent and insight that is an organization’s internal human capital.   Teams (often cross-departmental) and employees (at every level) are empowered to take a critical look at operations and […]

Lean Facilitators: What they do and what they need to know

More and more organizations are discovering the need for trained facilitators as they move in the direction of implementing continuous process improvement (CPI), Lean, and Six Sigma.  In this blog I will refer to this position as Lean facilitator.  The purpose of this blog is to (a) describe the roles and responsibilities of Lean facilitators, (b) describe the areas of knowledge […]

Kaizen Event Overview

“Kaizen” is a compound Japanese word.  “Kai” means little, ongoing, and good, and “Zen” means for the better.  Kaizen grows out of the famous Toyota Production System where the focus in on engaging employees in ongoing, small, continuous improvements. Kaizen events are designed to be short term (3 to 5 days), highly engaging (eight to […]