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Top 10 Factors that Promote Job Satisfaction

Each year, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) surveys hundreds of employees across the US to assess trends in employee preferences and identify the factors that most contribute to job satisfaction and engagement. Results of this survey can help organizations target their development and improvement efforts to what matters most for employees right now. […]

How to Improve Job Satisfaction

As of 2012, overall job satisfaction is at around 50%. Averaging across all industries, job levels, and pay rates, only 1/2 of all employees are satisfied with their jobs. The other 1/2 rate their job satisfaction as neutral, somewhat dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied. Mirroring this statistic (not surprisingly), only 50% of employees feel that their jobs are interesting. Does this describe you, your peers, or your employees?

Job Burnout: Definition, Contributing Factors, What You Can Do

Job Burnout: Definition, Contributing Factors, What You Can Do

What causes burnout? Many different things contribute to burnout and some of them are beyond your organization’s ability to control (e.g.., certain personality traits like “neuroticism” that make an employee more susceptible to burnout). However, the good news is that many factors are well within your sphere of influence: understanding each and taking action to deal with them will not only greatly reduce burnout, but in doing so will also contribute to employee retention and job satisfaction.

Does Employee Satisfaction Make a Difference?

Much has been written about employee satisfaction over the years.  We discuss leadership styles that improve employee satisfaction.  We make lists of the best companies to work for.  We have strategies for empowering employees.  We trumpet the importance and value of having satisfied employees. However a key question remains:  does employee satisfaction make any difference […]

Managing Overqualified Employees

Applied organizational research has shown that perceived overqualification is related to negative job attitudes and a greater likelihood of the overqualified employee leaving the organization for a different job. At the same time supervisors rate overqualified employees as better performers than their peers. Overqualification is a double-edged sword- it’s beneficial to the organization to have overqualified employees but unsatisfying and even frustrating for the employees themselves.

How to Improve Employee Satisfaction

A recent report by the Conference Board stated that overall employee job satisfaction dipped to 45% in 2009. The report goes on to say that only half of all employees feel that their jobs are interesting. Does this describe your organization? The good news is that applied organizational research has shown that there are specific steps managers can take to increase employee job satisfaction dramatically.