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The Cost of Turnover: An Infographic

We all know that employee turnover is costly:  the average cost associated with turnover for an entry level employee is equivalent to roughly 1/2 of his or her yearly salary.  There are a number of direct and indirect costs associated with turnover, and this infographic from Compliance and Safety does a fantastic job of breaking down those […]

On Graphology …

Just as it is important to learn about the selection methods that have been proven to be effective at identifying talent, it is also important to note those that do not predict performance or turnover.  Among the most popular of these methods is Graphology, which is still commonly used in some places as a selection […]

Improve Job Interviews: Add Some Structure

To follow up a previous blog on the most effective selection methods, we are also going to look at more common and universally ineffective approaches to hiring.  Traditional, unstructured interviews are the hallmark of employee selection, and as it turns out, not a bad tool for assessing job applicants.  Based on organizational research findings, this […]