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Outcomes of Organization Development Interventions

A large applied research study sought to examine important organizational outcomes from various psychologically-based workplace interventions. In all, they examined the effects of eleven different types of interventions, defined below: Selection and Placement: For the purpose of this research, this simply includes the use of realistic job previews Training: Enhancing employee performance through learning Appraisal […]

Personality and Job Performance – A Review

Over the past couple of decades, personality has become a focal point in organizational research, leadership development and derailment, and particularly employee selection.  This optimism is largely the result of the development of a unified model of personality called the Big Five, or Five Factor Model of Personality.  The Big Five model is an empirical and comprehensive […]

On Graphology …

Just as it is important to learn about the selection methods that have been proven to be effective at identifying talent, it is also important to note those that do not predict performance or turnover.  Among the most popular of these methods is Graphology, which is still commonly used in some places as a selection […]

Improve Job Interviews: Add Some Structure

To follow up a previous blog on the most effective selection methods, we are also going to look at more common and universally ineffective approaches to hiring.  Traditional, unstructured interviews are the hallmark of employee selection, and as it turns out, not a bad tool for assessing job applicants.  Based on organizational research findings, this […]