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Top 10 Factors that Promote Job Satisfaction

Each year, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) surveys hundreds of employees across the US to assess trends in employee preferences and identify the factors that most contribute to job satisfaction and engagement. Results of this survey can help organizations target their development and improvement efforts to what matters most for employees right now. […]

Leadership Series: Are you a Servant Leader?

What is Servant Leadership?  Servant leadership is defined as a leadership style (many would call it a leadership philosophy)  that emphasizes the leader’s responsibility to the success of the organization as well as his or her moral responsibility to subordinates, customers, and other stakeholders.  Although it may seem like a new leadership style is being introduced […]

How to Improve Job Satisfaction

As of 2012, overall job satisfaction is at around 50%. Averaging across all industries, job levels, and pay rates, only 1/2 of all employees are satisfied with their jobs. The other 1/2 rate their job satisfaction as neutral, somewhat dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied. Mirroring this statistic (not surprisingly), only 50% of employees feel that their jobs are interesting. Does this describe you, your peers, or your employees?

Does Employee Satisfaction Make a Difference?

Much has been written about employee satisfaction over the years.  We discuss leadership styles that improve employee satisfaction.  We make lists of the best companies to work for.  We have strategies for empowering employees.  We trumpet the importance and value of having satisfied employees. However a key question remains:  does employee satisfaction make any difference […]

Benefits of New-Hire Orientation Process

We all know that first impressions often become lasting impressions.  This is true in both personal relationships and in relationships with organizations.  How can your organization do a better job of managing its first impressions with newly hired employees? A recent article in the Journal of Applied Psychology studied the impact of various orientation procedures […]

Organizational Support for Supervisors = Higher Performing Employees

There is no question that an employee’s immediate supervisor plays a major role in the employee’s overall job satisfaction with the organization.  Some studies suggest that satisfaction with one’s supervisor is the strongest predictor of overall employee job satisfaction. A recent article in the Journal of Applied Psychology studied the importance of supervisors feeling supported […]

Being Nice Improves the Bottom Line

Do civil behaviors in the workplace make a difference?  Recently a group of researchers studied the impact of workplace incivility on both work and personal health outcomes. They defined workplace incivility as: low intensity deviant behavior with an ambiguous intent to harm the target in violation of workplace norms for mutual respect. Uncivil behaviors are […]

How to Improve Employee Satisfaction

A recent report by the Conference Board stated that overall employee job satisfaction dipped to 45% in 2009. The report goes on to say that only half of all employees feel that their jobs are interesting. Does this describe your organization? The good news is that applied organizational research has shown that there are specific steps managers can take to increase employee job satisfaction dramatically.