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Benefits of New-Hire Orientation Process

We all know that first impressions often become lasting impressions.  This is true in both personal relationships and in relationships with organizations.  How can your organization do a better job of managing its first impressions with newly hired employees? A recent article in the Journal of Applied Psychology studied the impact of various orientation procedures […]

Organizational Support for Supervisors = Higher Performing Employees

There is no question that an employee’s immediate supervisor plays a major role in the employee’s overall job satisfaction with the organization.  Some studies suggest that satisfaction with one’s supervisor is the strongest predictor of overall employee job satisfaction. A recent article in the Journal of Applied Psychology studied the importance of supervisors feeling supported […]

How to Give Feedback

Most managers have experienced the frustration of coaching, counseling, and providing feedback to an employee who needs to improve their performance yet who ignores feedback. The result is no change in performance, and if the performance deficit is serious enough the employee may lose their job. The cost to the organization, and the manager, is the high cost of turnover. The cost to the employee is all the negative consequences of losing their job.