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Stretch Assignments that Develop Strategic, Interpersonal, and Personal Skills

Given that most development occurs through experience (McCall, Lombardo, & Morrison, 1988), stretch assignments can provide a great vehicle for driving employee learning and/or leadership development.  Stretch assignments are essentially short-term projects or assignments that provide unique and challenging experiences for the purpose of developing employee/leader skills and abilities.  Although the use of on-the-job development is […]

Employee Development as a Process of Behavior Change

What do executive coaching, employee development, and 360 feedback have in common?  They all work to encourage change.  And the techniques that support processes like the ones above are most effective when they are based on established theories of behavioral change.  The purpose of this blog is to present Prochaska’s widely accepted model of change and to […]

Design Effective Training: Features of a Positive Learning Environment

Adult learning is a science, and an important one at that.  Almost every employee is provided training, and effective organizations regularly provide opportunities for formal training.  Most organizations hire training and development professionals to design and provide such opportunities, and when we work with organizations in this capacity we are guided by principles based on […]

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On-the-Job Development: Definition, Benefits, and Success Factors

The purpose of this article is to make clear the sometimes vague concept of employee development. In it, I will describe why leaders should invest in the development of their employees, what specific actions they should take, and how they can best support their employees throughout the developmental process.