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360 Degree Surveys

360 Degree SurveysIn the past several years, 360 degree surveys have seen a huge increase in popularity. These surveys provide feedback to individuals on how their supervisors, peers, and direct reports see their performance. The idea is simple: if people know how they are performing, they can learn from it. There are two types of 360 surveys: written and verbal. Written surveys ask multiple questions about and provide quantitative scores on a person’s performance on specific dimensions such as team effectiveness or decision-making.

Verbal surveys do much the same thing, but allow people to offer more specific feedback about an individual. One of the most useful questions is, “If you could change one thing about this person, what would it be?” We help you figure out what kind of 360 degree survey will work best for your organization. Then we help you interpret the survey and use it in coaching and development for your people.  Click here to see a sample 360 degree feedback report. 

Scontrino-Powell is a CCL Assesment Suite Certified Facilitator