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Engaged Employees on a Team

Employee Engagement Surveys in 2017: What to Do with Your Survey Results

There are many employee engagement surveys and examples available in 2017. Some of the surveys are useful and some are not. The dividing line is often whether the survey questions themselves are actionable. We have been helping leaders engage and inspire employees since 1975. Based on our years of experience with employee engagement best practices, […]

Why Organizations Fail to Execute on Strategy

In a recent interview with Harvard Business Review, strategy expert Paul Leinwand described an under-appreciated yet ultimately critical gap that persists in many organizations today. This is the gap between where strategy is developed and where strategy is executed. Take the following scenario: the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of an organization identifies and articulates strategic […]

Outcomes of Organization Development Interventions

A large applied research study sought to examine important organizational outcomes from various psychologically-based workplace interventions. In all, they examined the effects of eleven different types of interventions, defined below: Selection and Placement: For the purpose of this research, this simply includes the use of realistic job previews Training: Enhancing employee performance through learning Appraisal […]

The Eight C’s of Effective Teams

Dr. Eduardo Salas has been investigating team effectiveness and how organizations can create more effective teams. Based on his twenty plus years of research on teams, he has concluded that effective teams need to have seven C’s, and they need to avoid one C. The greater the extent to which each of these C’s are […]

Leadership Self-Insight During Change: Why Coaching Matters

Leading an organization is challenging even in the best of times; leading through times of ambiguity and change is herculean. With the economic turbulence, uncertainty, and globalization we’ve been experiencing over the past decade, it should come as no surprise that the rate of organizational change has also been on the rise (Sablonniére, Tougas, Sablonniére, & Debrosse, 2012). Organizational […]

Stretch Assignments that Develop Strategic, Interpersonal, and Personal Skills

Given that most development occurs through experience (McCall, Lombardo, & Morrison, 1988), stretch assignments can provide a great vehicle for driving employee learning and/or leadership development.  Stretch assignments are essentially short-term projects or assignments that provide unique and challenging experiences for the purpose of developing employee/leader skills and abilities.  Although the use of on-the-job development is […]

Balanced Scorecards

The term Balanced Scorecard has become as common in the business lexicon as “hashtags” in the interwebs, and for good reason too.  The Balanced Scorecard is a clear and effective approach for building alignment between an organization’s activities and its overall vision and direction.  Coined by Kaplan and Norton (1992) after researching high-performing organizations, the […]

Employee Misconduct

Over seventy-five years of research on employee satisfaction clearly demonstrate that employees want as much clarity as possible around their employers’ rules and expectations.  Beyond wanting to know what their goals and performance expectations are, employees also expect to know what constitutes grounds for termination.  This article provides a clear definition of what constitutes misconduct […]

Cross-Level Alignment

Alignment across different functions, teams, departments, and locations (i.e., cross-functional alignment) definitely contributes to organizational effectiveness, but what about alignment across different levels?  Alignment across levels (i.e., cross-level alignment) is relevant in the organizational Performance Management cycle, where both organization-level goals (i.e., vision and strategic plans) and employee-level goals (i.e., performance and developmental goals) can […]

Employee Involvement – Case Study at Columbia Aluminum

Structured employee involvement has the potential to dramatically improve an organization’s productivity, effectiveness and employee satisfaction and retention.  This is done by leveraging the wide pool of talent and insight that is an organization’s internal human capital.   Teams (often cross-departmental) and employees (at every level) are empowered to take a critical look at operations and […]